About us

We are a technology company specialized in integral solutions based on methodologies and technologies of the information for the industrial, tourist, aeronautical and logistic sectors.

We generate high added value to our customers combining world-renowned and proven knowledge of productivity and efficiency with technologies, especially Information for particular sectors in which we have a serious and specialized knowledge to do so.

Why do we do what we do

We seek the regional industry to reach its full potential and become joint agents of social change which requires a high commitment in achieving common goals. Through the in-depth knowledge of our partners and clients, we seek to produce new and better solutions oriented towards the achievement of its strategic objectives.

Our qualities

Work methodologies

We apply recognized and proven practices and work methodologies to gear our productive processes to those of our allies and clients achieving the objectives in the shortest possible time and cost

Multidisciplinary team

Our team is made up of experts in diverse sectors of the productive, aeronautical, hotel, manufacturing and logistics industries as well as with an excellent technical team of development and design of information technologies

Specialized knowledge

Our network of partners adds value to our team by complementing their skills with specialized knowledge of the various sectors in which they have worked, it is of no use technical excellence if not supported by a team of specialists and methodologies to solve real-world problems.


In 15 years we have accumulated numerous lessons, learnings and scars that have forged our enthusiastic character that result in invaluable benefit when initiating projects with specifications never before seen.

How we serve you

We give our allies and clients the tools to actively compete in their segments and reach their goals, integrate their communication channels through solutions and services that improve processes with real-time information, applying recognized and proven business optimization methodologies we directly influence the Profit maximization, cost containment and finding new business opportunities.

We specialize in software development focused towards production processes of all kinds.

Our tools Improve profitability, productivity, analysis and reaction companies more competitive.

ImecTools, by Imectech, provide the industry with a set of software tools that apply some of the most renowed methodologies out there based on TLS (Theory of Constraints, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma), contributing to better productivity practices, improving quality, optimizing profitability, along with data capture accuracy, response time and analysis capacity, thus making our client’s company even more competitive.

Technological allies with knowledge about the airlines, hotel and tourism business

The tourism and airline’s industry is a complex business and therefore requires specialization and a particular know-how, with special standards that allows it to compete through innovation in services and technology based products.
We rely on more than 10 years of extensive experience in the industry. Excellent specialists of technology that compile an ample knowledge of the field. We have actively participated in the improvement of the tourism and aviation business in the country. Pioneers in the development of innovative solutions for the industry.

Better processes, higher revenues

Proper manufacturing processes and optimized production logistics models can make the difference between your company’s success or failure, which is why our tools focus on production planning and constraint theory-based procurement, lean manufacturing And Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (ddmrp) thus contributing to the reduction of inventories and depleted materials, constantly improving the flow of information, making its production processes viable and profitable.

Knowledge transformed into custom solutions

In the Custom Development context, understanding the Need from our client’s, process’, and business’ perspective is essential in developing an appropriate and unique solution.
We take huge pride in our team, formed by specialists in different business areas and experts in processes improvement, working alongside software developing experts in order to generate solutions that truly give our clients added value to their respective businesses.


Our services are practical application in various sectors and specialized industry ranging from fields such as production, logistics and pharmaceuticals to airlines and tourism.

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